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Turkey origin
Small fresh water fish to fry, IQF, packed in bag

Brotula fillets

Caught in the middle east atlantic ocean. Presentation : skinless, "married or single fillets".
All sizes, IWP, packed in bag, in box or in bulk

Mediterranean fish for soup

Frozen in 2 kgs tray


Presentation : whole round, IQF, bulk


can be processed as whole gutted, IQF, packed in bulk
All sizes, caught in the north east atlantic ocean


Origin : Namibia/South Africa, Argentina. Can be processed in fillet or loins skinon/skinless or HG.
All sizes, IQF or IWP, packed in bulk or in bag


France, Spain/Portugal or USA origin. Can be processed in wings skinless or in fillets.
All sizes, IQF, packed in bulk